We are happy to launch our Repair and Production of Rigid Endoscopes Laboratory,

that are Arthroscopes, Cystoscopes, Urologic scopes, Hysteroscopes, nephroscopes,

rhinoscopes and laparoscopes.

We are able to repair your out of order scopes made up from the main Brands, such as


and so on in a very short time and with highly competitive prices.

Our technicians studied in Germany, furthermore, we only use high quality spare parts.

Our offer is studied for you, that means that beside repair we can offer:

– Repair – exchange, that is changing your out of order scope with one new one

made up by us, to grant you a great discount on final price;

– Repair – exchange with a reprocessed scope, that is changing your out of order

scope with one at our stock repaired before, so that we can grant a prompt shipment.

In case you decide to repair your endoscope, we can grant you a very fast delivery,

that takes one week maximum.

We got our own certification both for Repair and Production of new Scopes.

We can grant you:

– A 3 months warranty on repair;

– Repair of all specialized accessories for rigid endoscopes;

– Quick delivery;

– Competitive Prices.